Do you want to rent a home?

If you're interested in renting, we can help you find a non-apartment style property to rent. Many landlords and property management companies put their houses for rent on the Multiple Listing Service that real estate agents use to search. Those landlords cooperate with real estate agents and we can help you view those properties and guide you through the process.

While each of those landlords are independent and each have different criteria for rentals, many have the same basic requirements. So before we view a property in person, below is a list of documents we will need from each person over the age of 18 who will occupy the home, regardless of whether that person will be on the lease.

•   A completed AAR rental application. Please download the document from the link below, complete, and return via email with your other supporting documents.

•   A current state issued identification or passport.

•   Pay stubs or other proof of income for a period of two months.

•   Bank statements for a period of one month.

While these are not automatic disqualifiers, please let us know if any of the following apply to anyone over the age of 18 who will occupy the property.

•   Previous conviction of a felony.

•   Previous eviction or collection action for non-payment of rent.

•   Pets - type of animal, breed, age and size.

If any of the previous apply, we would like further clarification.

Knowing what is on your credit report prior to applying could save time and money on application fees. You may see your credit score at Credit Karma and you may see what is on your credit report at Annual Credit Report.

Most landlords require the renter to have a monthly income of three times the amount of monthly rent. You will need approximately 2.5-3 times the monthly rent for move-in expenses (security deposit, first month's rent, cleaning and pet deposits). Don't forget to check your current lease for move out notice requirements.

Once these documents have been gathered and you have your move in expenses, we may start viewing properties in person. Please note that most landlords take 48-72 hours to process an application and once approved, will only hold properties for 2-3 weeks with a deposit. In the meantime, please feel free to use the link below to search for properties, or download our mobile app from the HOME page.